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JavaScript Training

Laxyo Solution Soft Pvt. Ltd. will offer an opportunity to work with the expertise team of web Developers, under the supervision of expert professionals. The training for MCA final semester project comprises both theoretical and live project training. We offer training in various technologies one of these are JavaScript.

JavaScript is easy to use, one of the most effective and versatile languages used to enhance functionality on an Internet site.

JavaScript is comparatively easy to implement and learn. JavaScript plays perfectly with different languages and can be implemented in a large range of applications. Unlike PHP, JavaScript can be added to any web page no matter what the file extension is. It can also be added to any scripts written in any languages for example PHP and Perl.


  • The JavaScript is comparatively easy to learn and containing syntax that is relative to English
  • As the code is inserted in the users program, processing and results is accomplished almost immediately depending on the work.

At Laxyo Solution Soft Pvt. Ltd., we provide web development training on several technologies. We offer live project training on MySQL, JavaScript and PHP training in Indore.

There are so many training options available online, but what makes Laxyo Solution Soft Pvt. Ltd. ahead of them is its highly experienced, dedicated and professional team of IT experts, great experience in B.E., B.C.A and MCA industrial training sessions, and sufficient in-house training facilities.


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Near Nariman Point
Mahalaxmi Nagar , Vijay Nagar Indore


  • Apoorva Vyas-(B.E.)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The explanations and examples were excellent.

  • Vikas Yadav-(B.E.)
  • The training was exhaustive and completely for those who are really serious about to learn technologies.

  • Manish Pareek-(B.E.)
  • This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.Materials & facilitation was excellent.

  • Manoj Patidar-(B.E.)
  • I have gained the essential skills and certifications along with the job placement in LSSPL!

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