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Html & Css

Company Introduction and Trainee Introduction, Induction, training kit presentation
Html basics, Html elements, Headings, Formatting, Lists, Tables, Forms, Iframes, Div, Layout
Css Introduction , 2D & 3D transforms, Fonts , Borders, User interface, Transitions , Animations
Javas Script
Java Script Overview, Java Script Variable, Arrays, Conditional Statements, Loops, Functions, Event Handling General Validation (date, email, numeric etc.) Assigments and case Studies .


Introduction to PHP
JQuery Introduction, JQuery Basics, Selectors, Attributes Traversing, Manipulation CSS, Events, Effects, Ajax JQuery examples and assignments
PHP Basics, Variables, Conditional Statments, Loops, User defined functions and inbuilt functions, Web Basics, Functions, File Handling, File Upload, Cookies, Session, Exception handling, Designing forms, Get and Post, Database connectivity, PDO, Assigments case studies and revision


Introduction to MySql database
Basic of MYSQL Database, Installation, SQL Commands, System Tables, Basic Administration, Forms and database handling, Assigments and Case Studies


Directory Structure, Customization in Frontend, Customization in backend, Plugin-installation, Plugin Customization, Plugin Creation


Codeigniter is an open source PHP framework. Codeigniter overview, Codeigniter setup, Practical approach, Assigment Case Studies                                        


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  • Apoorva Vyas-(B.E.)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The explanations and examples were excellent.

  • Vikas Yadav-(B.E.)
  • The training was exhaustive and completely for those who are really serious about to learn technologies.

  • Manish Pareek-(B.E.)
  • This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.Materials & facilitation was excellent.

  • Manoj Patidar-(B.E.)
  • I have gained the essential skills and certifications along with the job placement in LSSPL!

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